Rental Opportunities

For the start-up of business we offer integrated, top notch and effective office solutions, be it a “virtual office” with multi-lingual communication- and secretariat services or be it standardized, completely furnished and equipped business-units for two up to six employees or even larger offices, designed and equipped according to availability. State-of- the- art equipped rooms can be provided for meetings, conferences and presentations.

Business Development

Business Development


Training will be on the major activities, German Center RAK will focus on.

This goes especially for introducing the so called “German Dual System of Vocational Training”, one of the main pillars of the success of the German Industry and the backbone of the success of the German economy.

While the German Center Building in RAK will host premises and facilities for training, we will reach out for interested companies in RAK (subsidiaries of German as well as local enterprises)…

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